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2013 will be challenging for advisers: WLM Financial
WLM Financial (WLM) anticipates that 2013 will be another complex year for financial planners, as they work through Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) Read more
Excessive regulation is crippling productivity: FSC report
The cost and complexity of regulation is holding back productivity growth in financial services, according to the latest report from the Financial SerRead more
MLC offers retirement-focused solution
MLC has offered super protection for retirees, after a drop in the official cash rate sees renewed interest in equity investment. Write commenRead more
Fears of association monopoly unjust: FPA
Industry concerns that codes of conduct will bring about a financial planning association monopoly are unfounded, the Financial Planning Association (Read more
Succession should be a long-term strategy
The financial services industry needs to focus on long-term company strategy to put succession planning back on the agenda. Write comment (0 Read more
Planning values holding but may fall in medium term
Financial planning business values are stable but are still at risk of being pushed down by the impact of future of financial advice (FOFA) reforms. Read more