The Great Advice Reset

Meet our 2022 Partners


Our ifa Future Forum is a one-day event jam packed with the practical solutions you need to ensure long term relevance of your practice and advice in today’s industry.

Leading business coaches, thought leaders, and fellow advisers dissected the future of financial advice and provided practical solutions through high-touch, collaborative masterclasses.

With an influx of clients, capacity constraints, and increasing barriers to entry for new advisers, attendees gained insights to practical tips and take-home tools that they could implement to their practice operations immediately.

This think-tank-style event will armed attendees with the strategies to work creatively and assess the way they are conducting business now and for years to come to increase operational efficiency while inspiring them to advocate for change within your industry.

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What others say

Great day providing value information about the current environment for navigating the challenges of running a modern financial planning business. Most pleasing is the mayhem of the last 5 years is giving way to a golden period for advise for those left standing
Informative & insightful presentations that shouldn't be missed, thanks

About the Awards

Recognising the leading partners and partner equivalent in the business of law

The Partner of the Year Awards is back for 2022 and is once again bringing you an unparalleled awards program that identifies the legal partners, or partners equivalent, across individual practice areas within the Australian legal profession.

The awards are regarded as one of the legal profession’s most prestigious accolades and pinpoint professional development and innovation, showcasing the individuals who are leading the way in the industry.

Recognising specialists from corporate and criminal to family, mergers and acquisitions, and so much more, this is your chance to be recognised as one of the leading partners in Australia.

Get ready to celebrate in style at an awards night designed for the stars. We are more excited than ever to celebrate those propelling the industry forward.

Take the first step in being recognised at a national level and build a reputation for excellence. The awards are open to all individuals and businesses operating in Australia supporting the business of law.

Don’t miss your chance to win this coveted award and reap the benefits of the prestigious accolade.

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Attendees gained insights into the below topics, designed to stimulate innovation, progression, and to future-proof their role in financial advice.

Census unpacked

Take a birds-eye look at the market as we unpack the changing trends of our economy, using data points that directly impact how you do business for a future-fit practice.

Crush your capacity constraints

Access strategies that will enable you to extract the best in slot methods to match your clients financial demands, all while maximising your capacity and improving the quality of your financial advice.

Digital advice

Digital advice with a difference. As the industry's menu of technology options grows, it's important to identify the exact options that suit your needs. Enable impact to streamline your business and emphasise the value of human-centric advice.

Combat the war on talent and rebuild your industry

Discover how you can be an instigator of change within your industry and preserve your practice by attracting next-gen talent.

Expand and evolve your advice model

Advice models are not one-size-fits-all. Keep up to date with the latest strategies that are available to you as we unpack what advice models suit your practice.

Will financial advisers be the key to retirement planning?

Discover why there is a greater need to offer holistic advice that is able to meet the changing needs of your clients as their financial priorities shift.

Leverage the great advice reset to boost your balance sheet revenue

Break down the future of financial advice and reset the way you operate today to increase your future profits and valuations.


This event is designed to arm financial advisers with the tools and knowledge to reward dedicated professionals, thrive through changing times, and ensure the industry remains relevant well into the future.

This event is for anyone in the financial advice industry who wants to shake up their operations and business strategies to increase business valuation and provide sustained value to clients into the future. Just as the demand of clients is ever present today, stay ahead of the curve in professional development to reflect the client of tomorrow. Reserve your seat now!

Our 2022 Speakers

Stewart Bell
Stewart Bell
Founder & business coach , Audere Coaching & Consulting
Graham Burnard
Graham Burnard
Senior consultant , Elixir Consulting
Greg Hansen
Greg Hansen
Executive, Group Strategy , HUB24
Philip Pilgrim
Philip Pilgrim
General Manager - Partnerships and Distribution , Implemented Portfolios
Steve Prendeville
Steve Prendeville
Founder and director , Forte Asset Solutions
Kim Seeling Smith
Kim Seeling Smith
CEO and founder , Ignite Global
Antony Tolfts
Antony Tolfts
CEO , Blu Horseshoe
Maja Garaca Djurdjevic
Maja Garaca Djurdjevic
Editor of Independent Financial Advisor , Momentum Media
Mark Weingarth
Mark Weingarth
State Manager NSW/ACT , Charter Hall

Why enter the Women in Law Awards?

Gain national recognition and elevate yourself or your business above the rest as up-and-coming names in the legal industry and across Australia.


For organizations, securing a Women in Law Award will set you apart when attracting and retaining the best talent while strengthening your position when winning (and retaining) business. For individuals, recognition will underpin career advancement.


With a highly regarded judging panel, a Women in Law Award is peer-reviewed recognition of your capabilities and passion for driving the industry forward.


A Women in Law Award reaffirms the role of your organisation, or you personally, in advancing the legal industry.

How to enter the awards:

Decide which categories you are eligible to go into. Review the categories here.

Register your account through our secure awards platform. Register and login here.

Fill in the details of your submission/s. Review the judging process here.

When you’re happy with your submission, press save and lodge it!

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