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08:50am - 09:00am

Financial advice industry — the current state of play

In this session, Steve Prendeville will discuss the current state of play in the advice industry, addressing the Quality of Advice Review, the adviser exodus, pressures associated with changing consumer preferences, and other issues that are expected to have a profound impact on the way you do business now and in the future.

Steve Prendeville
Steve Prendeville
Founder and director,
Forte Asset Solutions
09:00am - 09:20am

Unlocking market opportunity in a downturn

In an environment of inflation and rising interest rates, capital raising through primary markets is on the decline, however, the lesser-known and the typically more difficult-to-access secondary market remains strong.

In this session, discover the shifting market dynamics, and how technology is working to break down the barriers to otherwise difficult-to-access investment opportunities.

Gain insights into the current state of play in capital markets, the current challenges for investors, and how you can stay ahead of curve using the latest available technology.

Antony Tolfts
Antony Tolfts
Blu Horseshoe
09:20am - 10:05am

MASTERCLASS: Crush your capacity constraints - Essential strategies to maximise practice capacity NOW!

The war for talent will not be solved overnight and advisers MUST now focus on maximising capacity to succeed.

There are only 168 hours in a week and we do not have the power to bend time but you CAN streamline time-sucking processes, develop new efficiencies and quantifiable solutions.

In this exclusive masterclass, Graham Burnard will show you how to increase the number of clients served per adviser WITHOUT sacrificing quality of work.

Fueled by real case studies from a diverse practice structures, you will gain insights to the tools for success, no matter the size, shape or demographic served.

Masterclass learning outcomes:

  • A deep dive into the most efficient and productive processes in the industry
  • Complete a health check on your practice
  • Delete or improve. Learn to improve what works, what tasks are essential to you and stop what doesn’t.
  • Increase number of clients served per adviser without sacrificing quality of work or true client connection.
  • Tackle the myth of “big” and “quantum leap changes” and learn the small steps that will make all the difference.
Graham Burnard
Graham Burnard
Senior consultant,
Elixir Consulting
10:05am - 10:35am

Morning tea break

10:35am - 10:50am

How data and technology are enabling advice accessibility

In this session:

  • Advice accessibility — the advice gap is only getting bigger
  • Complexity driving up the cost of advice — tech stack, client expectations, compliance, lack of quality data and integration
  • Data and tech as part of the solution — how this is driving efficiencies for advisers and improving client engagement, e.g. with Millennials
  • What’s in store for future and how data and tech will enable advice accessibility further
Greg Hansen
Greg Hansen
Executive, Group Strategy,
10:50am - 11:40am

MASTERCLASS: Combat the war on talent and rebuild your industry

Talent management | Practice management

Before we fill the advice gap, we must first restore the adviser gap.

In this masterclass, you will hear top tips, tools and strategies for recruitment and retention as you work through talent and resourcing issues unique to your practice.

Discover how you can better resource your practice as we unpack how advisers can play their part in building a profession of choice for up and coming talent.

Our speaker will unpack the key resourcing and retention issues facing advisers today and provide strategies to mitigating this deepening risk through the lense of industry and individual business.

Key takeaways:

  • Tools, tips and strategies to minimise turnover and maximise employee engagement
  • Discover how to be an employer of choice
  • Attract a future-fit workforce with the skills and abilities you need for organisational growth
  • D&I - Why D&I is essential to building an attraction industry for staff and clients alike
  • Next Gen advisers - Reverse the adviser exodus and rebuild the advice community
Kim Seeling Smith
Kim Seeling Smith
CEO and founder,
Ignite Global
11:40am - 12:25pm


12:25pm - 01:30pm

MASTERCLASS: Expanding & Evolving Your Advice Model

Creating connectivity | Practice Models

Should you target new markets? Seek intergenerational advice opportunities? Invest in new technology? What is the best growth strategy? What just doesn't work?

With so many options - including an ever-increasing number of technology options - it can be hard to get clear on what route to take

In this session, led by business coach Stewart Bell, we'll unpack the strategies that are worth considering to be part of the evolution and expand your reach into new markets, as well as things that may not be worth investing time into.

We'll explore a few key areas:

  • Client experience
  • Having a productive digital presence,
  • Communicating with an active client base,
  • Expanding service propositions and multi-disciplinary offerings,
  • Client portals and other online "extras"
  • Goals & centric based sales approaches

As part of the session, you'll have the opportunity to unpack in a small group setting what other practitioners are doing in order to prove their businesses, and shine on light on strategies that may not unlock the return-on-investment they promise

If you're seeking clarity on where to focus your time and efforts over the next few years, this session will give you the inside to be able to make a more confidence and informed choice

Stewart Bell
Stewart Bell
Founder & business coach,
Audere Coaching & Consulting
01:30pm - 01:45pm

Speed networking break

01:45pm - 02:05pm

A cross-industry perspective - unlocking new efficiencies in a volatile market.

A cross-industry perspective - unlocking new efficiencies in a volatile market.
As markets become volatile, advisers must adapt a new set of skills, and strengthen industry partnerships to ensure the quality of advice remains high.

In this session, hear from investment managers that are working across diverse industries from commercial real estate to IMA’s, who are harnessing foresight and proven practice to assess on-the-ground conditions quickly. They will share their top tips for managing clients and business success during periods of uncertainty while showcase the innovations and expertise within each specialised field.

  1. How advisers can have efficient relationships with investment managers during turbulent markets
  2. Why becoming efficient within your business is not only reliant on investments but relationships
  3. How to find a manager that can assist with supporting advisers in tough conversations

Our speakers will present impactful case studies that exemplify how they're helping advisers secure their long-term future with the tools to build more efficient relationships with business strategy and clients in mind.

Mark Weingarth
Mark Weingarth
State Manager NSW/ACT,
Charter Hall
Philip Pilgrim
Philip Pilgrim
General Manager - Partnerships and Distribution,
Implemented Portfolios
Maja Garaca Djurdjevic
Maja Garaca Djurdjevic
Editor of Independent Financial Advisor,
Momentum Media
02:05pm - 02:35pm

Leverage the great advice reset to boost your balance sheet revenue

Succession planning | valuations

In this session, Steve will reflect on the current state of financial advice as he provides you with the tips and stratgegies you need to fool-proof your practice in 2026 and beyond.

Discover a newfound perspective on future outlook advice, backed by facts, stats and real-life case studies. Reset the way you operate today to increase your future profits and valuations.

Key takeaways:

  • Assess the affordability & profitability of your offering and advice model
  • Discover the characteristics of the top 10% practices and how valuers separate premium from discount models
  • Case studies for practice succession planning, risk factors, key metrics for success, and tips on how to increase the value of your business today
  • The future market & outlook for advice businesses in 2026 and beyond
Steve Prendeville
Steve Prendeville
Founder and director,
Forte Asset Solutions
02:35pm - 02:45pm

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