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How PPS Mutual is redefining insurance with CEO Michael Pillemer

In the latest episode of the ifa Show, host Maja Garaca Djurdjevic is joined by Michael Pillemer, CEO of PPS Mutual, to discuss the sustainability and advantages of the mutual insurance model.

Pillemer highlights that the mutual model allows for profit sharing among members, contributing to long-term sustainability and client satisfaction. Despite industry challenges like the adviser exodus and economic crises, PPS Mutual has grown steadily, now serving nearly 12,000 members with 38,000 benefits in place.

Pillemer also highlights the advantages and success that the mutual model offers to advisers using PPS Mutual’s growth and unique position within Australia’s risk insurance space as proof.

Listen to hear:

  • How the mutual model creates an alignment of interests and reduces conflicts between the company’s goals and clients’ needs.
  • How the model helps advisers manage client expectations and maintain long-term relationships, and more.