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The role of tech and platforms to boost advisers

The role of tech and platforms to boost advisers

On a new episode of the ifa Show, host Neil Griffiths is joined by DASH CEO, Andrew Whelan.

The head of the advice software and platform solutions provider joined the podcast to discuss the company’s recent rebrand from WealthO2, its recent merger with Roar Software and what that means for its role in the advice industry.

“I think there is a version of this world where the advisers start to view the platform as being commoditised,” Andrew said.

“And I think the fact that also you have now 2.9 platforms per practice on average… if you’ve got between three and six of anything in your practice, are they actually providing a solution or are they just a straight vendor? Or is that a product that you’ve got and you use from time to time?

“So we really challenged ourselves from a strategic point of view - what do advisers need in our platform to add to that line-up that they’ve already got? What are the problems they’re facing? Is there a need for another platform on its own?”

Also on this episode, Neil and Andrew discussed the need for the tech and platform industry to step up for advisers, regulation in the space, and expectations over the next few years.



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