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The rise of managed accounts

The rise of managed accounts

On a new episode of the ifa Show, BT’s head of managed accounts Zac Leman and head of platforms Chris Mather joined host Neil Griffiths to talk about the rise of MAs.

Zac and Chris discuss how managed accounts have gone from a niche to mainstream offer for advisers over the past 20 years and why the pandemic has accelerated its importance.

“They’re becoming the go-to solution for many advisers and they can be purpose-built for boutiques as well as large advice practices,” Zac said.

Chris added: “It’s also a really good way to manage the cost of delivering advice. And there’s a consistency that all clients are getting exactly the same investment outcome without operational delay of implementation activities.

“And it means that advisers’ value propositions, in many cases, have also evolved away from being the execution and investment manager to managing the investment manager and really focusing on strategic advice.”

Listen to the full episode here.