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The state of accessibility of advice

The state of accessibility of advice

In a new episode of the ifa Show, host Neil Griffiths is joined by Midwinter chief commercial officer Steve Davison to discuss the accessibility of advice.

Steve gives his take on the current state of accessibility of advice, what the biggest challenges are moving forward both for the industry and consumers, and what regulators can do to improve access to advice.

“For me, as a technology provider, I would like to have my prospective clients, which is advice businesses, have more confidence to innovate around technology,” he said.

“To do this they need confidence around where the boundaries sit around scoping advice, what is in and out of scope and what level of effort is required beyond that.

“The client may want something that is very simple at the moment, but some of the regulations could be interpreted that you have to ask more questions than perhaps what the consumers are really wanting to ask or have done.”

Listen to the full episode below.