Time to celebrate our success!

While there are a lot of industry awards that acknowledge the hard work of advisers, there should be a few more awards to recognise the hard work we do for our clients.

It’s at this time of the year I notice the various industry awards popping up in my email inbox. The most notable of these seems to be the FPA, AFA and the IFA Awards. Most of these include categories such as the Adviser of the Year, Practice of the Year, and education-related awards.

In an industry which has received so much negative attention, it is important to stop and recognise the wonderful work we do as advisers. Though looking through all categories, I would like to see a few more added to the list.

First and most importantly, a ‘heart award’. While many advisers are very good at what they do, some advisers go above and beyond and provide their services free of charge and work on pro bono cases through schemes such as the Cancer Council or by identifying a need within their local community, whether that be something as simple as providing financial education and advice, or committing themselves to helping a family after the loss of their loved one. These advisers give up their time, because they have the power to make a difference in somebody’s life, with no thought of benefit to themselves. I firmly believe that pro bono cases are an important piece to the puzzle in the challenge of changing the public perception of our industry.

A ‘mentor award’. There are advisers in the community who have had a profound impact on my time in the industry, and I’m sure many advisers have had the help and support of a fellow adviser whether it be through a formal or informal program. There are advisers who give their time repeatedly, to educate, inspire and impart their valuable knowledge and experience to their peers and the next generation of advisers.

An ‘industry champion award’. There are occasions when the cards seem stacked against us. Lately this has felt like the norm and many of us wish things were different, some of us talk about ways things could be better, but some advisers go the extra mile, whether that be starting a kickstart campaign or going on a fact-finding mission to the UK like Synchron director Don Trapnell and chairman Michael Harrison did.  Some advisers take the extra step and take actions that benefit the advice community as a whole and that should be acknowledged.


In short, let’s celebrate the achievements and wonderful people in our industry who make a difference for the people around them and the advice industry as a whole. I would love to see more advisers have the opportunity to share their achievements within their communities and in turn promote the value provided by everyday people working within the financial services industry. So come on, let’s find more ways to promote our industry, and celebrate our successes in all their forms.

Katherine Hayes is a director at Tiffen Insurance Services and a Synchron-authorised Financial Planner.

Time to celebrate our success!
Katherine Hayes
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