What to wear to an interview
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What to wear to an interview

Jane Austen got it right, first impressions count. What you look like, act like and say during those first crucial moments could be the difference between getting a role and being second best. Wearing the right thing will also put you at ease during the interview as you know you visually fit in.

Plan your outfit
This may be a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many people leave the decision of 'what to wear' to the morning of the interview... only to find their chosen outfit is dirty/wet/too small/crushed/missing a button. Plan your outfit and have it laid out the night before. It will mean less stress in the morning!

Dress Smarter
In Real Estate, 'Business Corporate' dress is the most appropriate. Real Estate Agents and their staff are always physically interacting with clients, unlike other industries where a more casual dress code is allowed due to a more virtual relationship with clients. You will be expected to be dressed in a standard that matches those of the industry. You can never be dressed too 'corporate' for a job interview.

For the guys
• Black/Grey suit
• Business Shirt
• Tie – nothing garish or with pictures/words printed on it
• Black/Brown dress shoes

For the girls
• Suit Skirt, Suit dress or Suit pants – nothing too short or hung low. Leave the casual black pants at home
• Business shirt or smart (non see through) top – nothing low cut or with words printed on it.
• If wearing a skirt – wear stockings
• Smart, plain close-toed shoes of a manageable height

Make sure everything is the right size! Don't borrow your father's suit or your little sister's skirt. I'll fitting clothes make you look disorganised.


Neatness is key
While it may be the fashion to look like you have arrived after falling out of bed and fighting a windstorm, it won't score you any points at an interview – even if it took you hours to perfect. Everything about you must be neat and tidy in line with your clothes

• Hair must be clean and brushed
• Longer hair to be pulled back
• Face to be clean shaven
• If you have a beard or moustache – trim it so it's neat
• Go easy on the hair product – just enough to keep your hair neat, not to make it a statue.

• Hair must be clean and brushed
• Longer hair must be back in a neat pony tail. Any pieces of hair that can't be pulled back should be pinned back and hair sprayed
• Make-up should be natural – leave the blue eyeshadow, falsies and bronzer for the weekend.
• Nails should be clean – fresh clear nail polish only

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