Commuting how far is too far
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Commuting how far is too far

It is not uncommon for people to commute to work. For many people, the luxury of working close to home just doesn’t correlate with their industry. We are lucky in Real Estate to have the choice to work within an agency in our local area or to commute.

There are many benefits to working in an agency within your local area. You already know the area, the people and travel time is minimal. Choosing to commute can offer up a world of potential roles, but the impact of the commute should always be taken into account.

The million dollar question is - how far from home should you look? Unfortunately, there is no set answer; you just need to evaluate your individual situation.


How long would it take you to get to the role and how will this impact you? Some people find travelling on a train for an hour enjoyable, whilst for others it’s their own personal hell. How about sitting in peak hour traffic? Would this make you arrive at work in a positive and fresh attitude, ready to work? How much earlier would you need to leave home to arrive at work on time? Would you regularly experience delays that could make you late on a regular basis?



How would working further away affect your relationships? Would you need to organise additional care for your children? How does your partner feel about spending less time with you as you leave earlier and arrive home later?


Does the additional cost of commuting equate to the advantages of the role. Remember it’s not just the additional travel cost – parking, child care, etc can all add up and may make the role untenable.

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