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Midwinter signals green light on Paraplanning Partners Program

A new back-office solution has been launched following a successful pilot phase.

Midwinter has partnered with Scale Up Paraplanning, TNW Solutions, and Rocket Services to create an integrated paraplanning solution for advisers.

The solution, coined the Paraplanning Partners Program, connects Midwinter’s clients with a network of paraplanning professionals trained in its software.

According to the firm, a distinct function of the solution is its unique paraplanning license, which provides paraplanners with access to specified client records through its financial advice software.

Midwinter’s head of advice, Stacey Cowan, said the firm is excited to help paraplanning providers continue to deliver quality advice to their clients.

“With the support of our trusted paraplanners, advice businesses can confidently embrace Midwinter and focus on what matters most – their clients,” Ms Cowan commented.

Alex Gassner, general manager of Scale Up Paraplanning, said that being one of the inaugural members of the program signifies a “pivotal opportunity” to strengthen its service offering.


“By focusing on our strengths and collaborating to maximise the provision of quality advice, we’re able to better serve our clients and help them reach their goal of scaling advice operations,” Mr Gassner explained.

“As we continue to progress on this journey, we are confident that this partnership will shape a promising and transformative future for our business, setting a new standard of excellence in the financial planning sector.”

“Together with Midwinter, we are aspiring to challenge the status quo and add value in the financial planning space,” added TNW Solutions director Esha Khosla.

Ms Khosla continued: “We have a common objective to increase our footprint in the financial services industry and are looking forward to this partnership which will make way for opportunities to service more customers by providing feasible, cost-effective and efficient solutions for advisers and their practices.”

Damien Winberg, director of Rocket Services, noted that the firm’s previous collaborations with Midwinter have been “instrumental” to Rocket Services’ success.

“This collaboration allows us to bring our expertise in paraplanning and admin to a broader audience, offering financial planning practices a seamless back-office solution and advisers more time to focus on delivering outstanding advice to their clients,” Mr Winberg concluded.

In a statement on Wednesday, Midwinter confirmed that all of its customers can now access external paraplanning support through the program.