Advisers rolling into the Future2Wheel Classic

Advisers rolling into the Future2Wheel Classic

FINANCIAL ADVISERS took to their bikes for a good cause, with the annual Future2 Wheel Classic rolling in over the spring.


Held from 5-13 October, the event raised money to help disadvantaged young Australians have a brighter future through the Future2 Make the Difference! grants distributed to community organisations.

The event has a $170,000 fundraising target and AMP Financial Planning and Matrix Planning Solutions are both long-time sponsors of the event.

“The Future2 Wheel Classic is a journey for the financial planning profession as a whole – not just those cycling in the event,” AMP Financial Planning managing director Michael Guggenheimer said.

“It demonstrates the move towards professionalism for financial planners, reflected also in their long-standing commitment to helping others.

“As the ride makes it way from Melbourne to Sydney via Bendigo, Shepparton, Wodonga, Khancoban, Jindabyne, Canberra, Bowral and Wollongong, it will take that message into every community.”

Thirty-one cyclists signed up for the 1,250 kilometre route, with nine signing up for the entire Melbourne to Sydney route.
 “The Wheel Classic sets a gold standard for innovative fundraising,” Mr Guggenheimer said.

Advisers rolling into the Future2Wheel Classic
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