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Netwealth releases open-source advice toolkit

Platform provider Netwealth has launched a new open-source toolkit for advice businesses that is focused purely on innovation.

Part of the first release of Netwealth’s Innovation Toolkit is the Customer Journey Map workshop, focused on the customer experience and journey, putting employees in the shoes of clients through a series of team activities.

Netwealth joint managing director Matt Heine said its Innovation Toolkit is about providing advice businesses access to a range of materials and tools so they can facilitate workshops in their own office.

“This is a simple toolkit that provides businesses with a framework to identify friction points in the customer experience and develop implementable solutions to address them,” Mr Heine said.

“One of the drivers for the toolkit is that we wanted businesses to stop talking about innovation and to start implementing.

“Continuous innovation is more important than ever as consumer expectations continue to change as they demand the same level of personalised service from advice practices as they get with Google, Airbnb and Amazon.”