Enrolments rise amid new adviser standards: Kaplan

Kaplan Professional has announced a continuing increase in enrolments following the introduction of the adviser standards bill into Parliament.

According to a statement, Kaplan said enrolments into its Master of Financial Planning course for the first study period of 2017 have increased by 25 per cent since the education bill was introduced into Parliament in November last year.

Further, it noted a 20 per cent increase in enrolments to the course compared to the corresponding period last year.

Kaplan Professional chief executive Brian Knight said advisers who undertake a postgraduate qualification should have confidence in their knowledge and ability.

“We believe advisers who undertake a postgraduate qualification should not be unduly concerned with the standards,” Mr Knight said.

“They will be as prepared as they can to meet them regardless of what they are – they will be degree-qualified and well-equipped to undertake an industry exam regardless of its format.”

Mr Knight said he was delighted advisers were taking the longer-term perspective, and not just waiting to be told what the minimum standards will be.

“Much like other highly-regarded professions, advisers are treating higher education and professional development as crucial pillars in enhancing performance and competitiveness,” he said.

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