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AIA upgrades online claims system for employers

AIA Australia has announced upgrades to their insurance electronic claims system to help employers better assist their employees complete life insurance claims more efficiently.

AIA said in a statement the changes to its eClaims system will also support those employees who can benefit from occupational rehabilitation and intervention early in the claims process.

One of the improvements is a central repository that holds employer company information, so when a member makes a claim they can select their employer and the fields are prepopulated with employer-specific information, the statement said.

The claim information is then automatically sent to a central contact at the employer, reducing keying errors.

AIA said another upgrade is the provision of a single logon, password and user ID for each employer company through an interactive employer logon page, meaning each employer can have a one-to-many relationship with claims and only has to log into the eClaims system once.

AIA Australia chief group insurance officer Stephanie Phillips said, “This saves considerable time for the member in lodging a claim and means that employers will get claim information quickly in one centralised place rather than members sending claims to different people.

“The employer is alerted to the claim at the start of the claims process and can also work with their employee to start appropriate rehabilitation, if applicable.”