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Aussie financial services heads to Silicon Valley

The delegates chosen to represent the Australian financial services industry in an upcoming business tour of California have been announced.

The inaugural Implemented Portfolios Thought Leader Study Tour will take place this September and see representatives from the Australian financial advice, funds management, licensee and technology communities meeting with leading US entrepreneurs, executives, financial institutions, researchers and academics, venture capital investors and practising investment advisers.

Implemented Portfolios announced that the delegates joining the tour will be Netwealth’s Matthew Heine; MidWinter’s Julian Plummer; and Treysta Financial’s Mark Nagle.

Malcolm Palmer from Joseph Palmer & Sons; Sue Viskovic from Elixir Consulting; Amreeta Abbott from NowInfinity; Audere Coaching & Consulting’s Stewart Bell; Grad Mentor’s Alisdair Barr; and Brent Fairhead from Lawrence Group will also join the tour.

Managing director of Joseph Palmer & Sons, Malcolm Palmer, and Netwealth’s Mathew Heine said they strongly support fintech innovation in the financial services industry.

“Ever-advancing technology has always helped us improve the research and advice components of our client service delivery, and it is in pursuit of what fintech now heralds that inspired us to be a sponsor of this initiative,” Mr Palmer said in a statement.

Mr Heine added that “as a business, we are focused on spotting trends that matter and helping advisers evolve their businesses. Partnering with IP and attending the study tour 100 per cent supports this and ensures we can stay ahead of global trends".


The tour will meet with leading American technologists, venture capital and private equity firms, researchers, start-up entrepreneurs and executives in one of the world’s most innovative places, with a particular focus on how fintech innovation is impacting wealth management, the statement said.

Aussie financial services heads to Silicon Valley
Aussie financial services heads to Silicon Valley
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