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AFA says EGM request invalid

The AFA has found a large proportion of the forms it received requesting an extraordinary general meeting to be invalid.

In a statement today, the AFA said it had found more than 100 of the 230 forms received could not be accepted – for a range of reasons – pushing the number of valid forms beneath the 5 per cent threshold required to request an EGM.

The association found that 50 of the forms were duplicates; 25 forms were provided by people who were not AFA members; and 28 forms could not be verified since they incorrectly identified the member.

“The AFA has notified Mr Mark Dunsford who provided the forms calling for the EGM that less than 5 per cent of the voting members of the AFA are represented and, accordingly, the AFA cannot take his special resolution to change the AFA Constitution to the membership as yet,” the statement said.

“The AFA is telephoning 24 members where forms have been received in their name but the details provided are insufficient to identify whether the member completed the form.

“The AFA will help them complete the form if that was their intention,” the statement said.

AFA national president Deborah Kent said the association's board appreciates the right of members to call an EGM within the confines of good governance under the Corporations Act and will facilitate the putting of the resolution if and when the requisite 5 per cent of voting members is reached.

AFA says EGM request invalid
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Adrian Flores

Adrian Flores

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