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Lonsec to support advisers with platform upgrade

Lonsec Research has launched the next generation of its online analysis and investment platform, iRate, which will now offer an array of new tools to support financial advisers.

In a statement yesterday, Lonsec said the upgraded version of the iRate platform will provide financial advisers with “enhanced portfolio construction, research and reporting tools to drive their investment analysis”.

Along with the current managed funds research and standard portfolio construction tools, iRate will now offer time-series portfolios which will allow users to analyse a portfolio’s performance where changes have been made to the holdings or asset allocation over time, as well as create user-defined product asset classes, the statement said.

Users can easily compare their portfolio’s allocation and performance with peer portfolios and benchmarks, as well as track allocation changes over time, Lonsec said.

Further, iRate now enables users to create and analyse equity-only model portfolios, with fully integrated equity research, the statement said.

Lonsec Research chief executive Matt Olsen said the upgrade to iRate is a crucial part of Lonsec's commitment to helping advisers meet growing demand and demonstrate value in an increasingly sophisticated industry.

“Our aim is to leverage the financial adviser’s knowledge and expertise, and to give them additional tools so they can continue creating better investment outcomes for their clients,” Mr Olsen said.


“We need to be continually evolving our financial adviser tools, just as advisers are evolving with the industry. This is what the next gen iRate achieves.”