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Accounting firm opens financial advice arm

The NSW division of mid-tier national accounting firm Bentleys has opened a new financial advisory arm focused on offering personal financial advice across insurance, superannuation, and retirement planning.

Bentleys Wealth Advisors, launched by Bentleys NSW, brings together a new team of financial advisers and is aimed at delivering strategic and up-to-date advisory services to local and national clients.

Bentleys NSW chair Nigel Banks said the new financial planning arm is critical for remaining viable.

“We have thought long and hard about what our existing and new clients need to sustain a sound financial future, and Bentleys Wealth Advisors was the natural next step for our business,” said Mr Banks. 

“We saw the writing on the wall well in advance of changes to the accountants’ exemption. We realised we needed to stay ahead of the curve and to have an ability to provide whole-of-wealth advice in the best interests of our clients.”

Mr Banks added that clients of Bentleys Wealth Advisors will be able to receive specific advice covering retirement planning, investment strategies, wealth protection and intergenerational wealth transfer, including estate planning and aged care advice, superannuation tax advice, superannuation services, insurance and lending services. 

The new managing director of Bentleys Wealth Advisors, Mathew Cassidy, said clients often seek support and guidance to navigate the complex landscape of superannuation and retirement planning. 


“We want to be part of their journey, working with our clients as one unified team,” said Mr Cassidy.