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New MDA technology provider targets IFAs

A new managed discretionary accounts (MDA) technology firm has launched in Australia today, targeting the IFA sector with services intended to tackle some common 'pain points'.

The firm's MA Operator tool is designed to help advisers better manage client portfolios by removing administration costs and effort.

“Many of the processes currently used by advisers involve manual administration, which takes up big chunks of time without adding any value to the client,” co-founder of the new technology Brett Westbrook told ifa

“MA Operator automates the complete workflow inside one elegant system that connects directly to the market. It even allows advisers to execute client trades in bulk when rebalancing portfolios, saving time and giving fairer outcomes to clients,” he said.

Mr Westbrook added that with the market changing frequently, speed is an important consideration.

“Our technology lets advisers collaborate with clients transparently and quickly to make more informed and accurate decisions about their portfolios at the click of a few buttons.” he said.

Co-founder of MA Operator, Shannon Bernasconi, added: “In regards to building client trust, the technology not only provides a better client experience and a quicker turnaround, but clients are also able to clearly see what advisers are doing, the accuracy of the information, and are able to collaborate more effectively with their adviser on decisions.”