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Market Vectors undergoes rebranding

Van Eck has announced it will rebrand Market Vectors in a move that will unite Van Eck's global brands.

In a statement, the parent company said the Australian ETF provider will be rebranded as Van Eck Vectors ETFs from 1 May 2016.

"The move is part of a global initiative to bring all its businesses and investment offerings under a single 'Van Eck' brand," said the statement.

Van Eck managing director Arian Neiron said there would be no disruption to the Australian business, with the change "more about global alignment".

"In Australia, our Market Vectors ETFs brand is well known for its range of innovative investment exposures. The new branding, taking effect 1 May 2016, will result in Market Vectors ETFs being known as Van Eck Vectors ETFs," Mr Neiron said.

"With this new branding we are emphasising the fact that Van Eck is continually exploring and offering innovative ways to create wealth. A unified brand enhances the firm's solid foundation," he said.