Zurich upgrades life insurance app

Zurich upgrades life insurance app


Life insurance provider Zurich has announced an upgrade to its Adviser Flipchart app, aimed at driving advice advocacy and insurance literacy.

Zurich said one of the key enhancements to the life insurance app is a new diagnostic tool which allows an adviser to guide a client through a realistic scenario, with various 'pop-ups' and visual prompts.

The enhancement is aimed at adding a layer of personalisation and interactivity in developing an overall protection package tailored to the individual's circumstances, Zurich said in a statement.

Zurich's head of sales strategies for its life and investments business Andy Marshall said improving engagement is a critical driver of consumer literacy around insurance.

"We have found that face-to-face engagement combined with bespoke digital tools can accelerate the rate of understanding and engagement with the topics at hand," Mr Marshall said.

"By creating a tool that allows clients to more easily picture themselves in the scenarios presented, our objective is to provide advisers with the opportunity to question, communicate and engage with clients in a deeper, more meaningful way.

"Helping build more effective conversations with clients is a core part of that support."

Zurich upgrades life insurance app
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