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Lonsec rates Centuria investment bonds

Ratings house Lonsec Research has rated four of Centuria Life Limited's investment bonds "Investment Grade".


Centuria said, in a statement, this means Lonsec has conviction the financial product "can generate risk-adjusted returns in line with relevant objectives".

The rating applies to the Australian Shares Bond, Balanced Bond, Growth Bond and High Growth Bond.

Neil Rogan, Centuria's general manager of investment bonds, said an investment grade rating from Lonsec was a vote of confidence both in the bond structure itself and, more particularly, Centuria's ability to generate investment returns within it.

"Investment bonds have been around for some time, but we are finding that they are more and more on advisers' radar due to their tax-effective structure, as well as the flexible investment choices in their underlying portfolios, which can be adjusted to suit a range of investor needs. This is especially important because it means investment and portfolio mix can be adjusted in line with market needs," he said.

"They are ideally suited to saving for major life events, such as education costs or a mortgage, but can also be very effective as a tax-effective supplement to superannuation, and as a clever portfolio structuring tool in the aged care space."


Lonsec described Centuria's investment bonds as "retail-centric" and "designed to be flexible, liquid and long-term focused", an appealing combination.