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Morgans keeps Coin, adds Provisio

Rubik Financial has renewed its existing Coin contract with financial advice group Morgans, also adding the software provider's client engagement and rapid advice tool, Provisio.

Morgans has signed a new three-year contract with Rubik to upgrade to version 4.6 of Coin, which will now be delivered via a hosted arrangement with the software provider, a statement issued by Rubik said.

In addition, Morgans has adopted Provisio to allow its advisers to cater both for comprehensive and scaled advice, the statement said.

Morgans managing director Brian Sheahan said, "We are confident that our upgrade to Coin version 4.6 will deliver an enhanced usability and efficiency process that will provide superior financial advice to our extensive client base.

"By outsourcing the management and maintenance of Coin to Rubik, we can focus on our strengths and optimise the service we provide to our Morgans' clients."

Morgans will also have access to Coin Connect, Rubik's online web application which provides advisers with access to their existing client database, allowing them to check and modify client portfolio information.

According to the statement, the upgrade of Coin includes an overhaul of its insurance capability, including the "expansion of insurance product research coverage, enhanced premium calculations and validation, improved reporting capabilities and greater search and options".


Rubik chief executive Iain Dunstan said, "We are able to ensure the timely delivery of upgrades, new features and enhancements, providing Morgans with access to innovative features and functionality as they become available."