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Shartru Wealth to launch MDA service

Non-aligned dealer group Shartru Wealth is set to launch its own managed discretionary accounts (MDA) service while also looking to bolster its advice network.

Speaking to ifa, Shartru Wealth chief executive Robert Coyte said the self-licensed firm will launch the MDA service following 12 months of putting it together.

Having developed the service with the assistance of Managed Accounts Holdings, Mr Coyte explained that after first looking at what MDA services can offer, he now believes MDAs are the "the only way forward" for investments.

"People at the moment are either in stock markets or they are in cash, but cash is yielding next to nothing and stock markets are sitting on a lot of risk," he said.

"What we needed to do is find some middle ground, and the MDA has been great at being able to find a whole lot of solutions that we can facilitate for clients," Mr Coyte said.

He added that Shartru Wealth is also looking to expand its advice network, which currently has 12 advisers, and also to target accountants who are rushing to find a solution to meet the changing regulatory requirements for superannuation and SMSF advice.

"The only criteria we have in regards to joining Shartru Wealth is their philosophy and attitude towards providing advice," Mr Coyte said.


"We don't equate good financial planners as those that necessarily generate the most revenue or appear in the media singing their own praise. We consider the best advisers are those that seek the best possible advice alternatives and solutions for their client."

Many advice firms feel the need to solve their licensing problems through self-licensing, he added, but the time and cost required to manage a licence can be quite onerous.

Instead, advisers should consider joining an AFSL that reflects the same objectives and goals they want for their business.

"The real saving or benefit by joining like-minded advisers is the scale you get in other areas, including opportunities for your clients and your business," Mr Coyte said.