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AFA meeting with O’Dwyer ‘productive’

The AFA was able to communicate the key concerns of advisers during its meeting with Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Small Business Kelly O'Dwyer, according to federal Liberal MP Bert van Manen.

Speaking to ifa, Mr van Manen, who was present at the meeting with the new minister and the association, said the AFA's meeting with Ms O'Dwyer was "very productive".

"I thought [the AFA] communicated the issues well. The minister and her staff have certainly listened and have taken some detailed information from the AFA, and information that other advisers have provided," Mr van Manen said.

Mr van Manen added that further meetings with Ms O'Dwyer have been planned, including with himself.

"I will be following up with her office [this] week to see where we are going and whether her office does want to meet with backbenchers who have concerns about this or who have had representations with advisers in their electorates," he said.

The Financial Planning Association – which recently launched a life insurance advice guide for its members – told ifa that it will be looking to speak with Ms O'Dwyer regarding a number of issues, including the Life Insurance Framework.

It is not yet known whether the Financial Services Council (FSC) has made contact to meet with Ms O'Dwyer.


The FSC was contacted for clarification, but the organisation did not wish to make a comment.

ifa's sister publication Risk Adviser previously reported that Mr van Manen – a former financial planner and chair of the government's backbench policy review committee for issues relating to small business – believed the reforms were "not set in stone" and that there was considerable room for them to change.