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ANZ ETFS chief has “all weather” product plans, former exec joins OzForex

ANZ ETFS' former co-head Adam Smith, who departed the company last month, is now chief operating officer for an international payment services provider.

Mr Smith, who joined OzForex earlier this month, had left ANZ ETFS around the same time as the other former co-head, Danny Laidler. The two past executives are known for their roles in setting up the joint venture between ANZ and ETF Securities and rolling out a batch of products on the ASX in May. 

Speaking to ifa, ANZ ETFS' new head Kris Walesby said the pair left on "extremely positive terms".

"They still have a very strong relationship with the company," he said. "These guys did a brilliant job to build up the company for us."

Since taking control this month, Mr Walesby has already developed a list of goals for the company, which include launching new ETFs and spreading overall awareness for the ETF industry.

"We're doing a lot of work to make sure we're relevant to our key audiences, which are self-directed SMSFs, and financial planners," he said.

"The main goal is to help the ETF industry as a whole. I generally believe ETFs are a great option for financial planners and investors to use. We want to help the industry as a whole understand those benefits through education but also through application as well."


Mr Walesby added that he plans to create an "all-weather" product set, which would benefit investors in any market scenario.

"Not just for up markets but also down markets and all different asset classes. So if there's a defensive nature in the market, [investors] can take certain products that we have," he said.

In addition, Mr Walesby plans to come out with a fixed-income range as well as some equity products that provide clients with more access to certain types of exposures.

He hopes to roll-out the next ETF by early next year.

"We have some really positive ideas around what those can be and where the caps are in the market."