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Dover strikes deal with Midwinter

Software provider Midwinter has signed an agreement with non-aligned dealer group Dover Financial Advisers for a pricing package of its AdviceOS software.

Midwinter said the deal consists of providing the non-aligned dealer group – which chooses to be "software agnostic" and allow advisers to select their software provider – with centralised billing, as well as a negotiated value price point for advisers who choose to use AdviceOS.

"As we all know, not all [advice] groups wish to mandate software across their entire business, preferring to allow their advisers the freedom of choosing their own software applications," Midwinter managing director Julian Plummer said.

"As technology providers, we just like to ensure that we are offering the users of our software within these groups the best possible subscription and support that we can.

"We're delighted that Midwinter has had the opportunity to upscale our service to Dover advisers around the country, and we understand that there has been pleasing and positive feedback from advisers and head office off the back of our new service offering."

Dover adviser manager Peter Thompson said that with the dealer group's adviser numbers continuing to grow, it made sense to centralise billing to get the most competitive pricing possible for those who choose to use Midwinter's software.

Previously speaking to ifa, Mr Thompson said Dover had seen strong growth in adviser numbers, with many leaving bank-owned licensees to join the non-aligned licensee.


Dover aims to increase the number of advisers in its network from the current 237 to 250 by the end of 2015, Mr Thompson added.