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BT launches rehabilitation tracking tool

BT has launched a new tool that tracks the progress of clients who participate in rehabilitation programs after making an insurance claim.

Developed in consultation with health care professionals, the Health Outcome Measure assesses a person across a number of health aspects including cognition, self-care, mobility and capacity to undertake everyday activities.

"Scores are created at three points in time: firstly for pre-disability health, then at the time of claim and lastly when the referral to health support ends," a statement from BT said.

"The end score is then compared to the pre-disability score to determine how successfully the customer has been returned to wellness."

BT national life insurance claims manager Paula Bourke said the information will be used by BT to create health improvement benchmarks for future claims and improving outcomes for those who suffer disabilities as a result of claims events.

"The introduction of the Health Outcome Measure is a significant step towards gaining a greater understanding of how our customers recover, so that we can ensure they have the appropriate support along the journey," Ms Bourke said.

The tool would also help in assisting clients wanting to re-enter the workforce, she said.


"We know that individuals seeking to re-enter the workforce after a period of disability face significant and complex challenges that make it increasingly difficult to return to work," she said.

"As insurers, we have an obligation to our customers to make sure we are collecting the information we need to help put them on the best path to recovery."