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Yellow Brick Road launches new fund

Wealth manager Yellow Brick Road has launched a new equities fund aimed at providing investors higher income strategies.

According to YBR, the Protected Equities Fund intends to deliver returns that mirror the overall share market while reducing volatility in downturn markets.

"In this low-rate environment and hot property market, particularly in Melbourne and Sydney, people are looking for other investment options," Yellow Brick Road executive chairman Mark Bouris said.

"Many are now turning to Australian equities as an alternative, seeking investments with equities' return on the upside, but reduced volatility and protection in downturn markets."

"We designed the fund to be accessible to everyone, with a low initial investment of $10,000, with the added flexibility of daily withdrawal requests and six-month distributions paid," Mr Bouris said.

Yellow Brick Road said the fund provides investors with diversification across eight to 12 specialist fund managers.

Investors will be able to choose between multiple investment strategies, including long-only equity strategies, extension managers, market neutral managers and variable beta managers.


"This is a well thought-out strategy, using proven expertise in understanding, monitoring and managing the mix of strategies to balance risk and return," Mr Bouris said.

Perth-based NWQ Capital Management has been selected to manage the fund.

NWQ managing partner and chief executive Jonathan Horton said: "We believe that all investors stand to benefit from our absolute return approach to investing and its potential to significantly improve the predictability of their investment outcome."

NWQ expects returns of between 5 per cent and 8 per cent after fees.