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Sunsuper to grow adviser reach

Sunsuper's recent Lonsec rating will help the fund gain further traction with advisers, says the fund's national manager of retail distribution and advice, Anne Fuchs.

Yesterday, the profit-for-members fund announced that its diversified life investment options had received a 'Highly Recommended' rating from research house Lonsec.

Ms Fuchs said the ratings were an important element in helping Sunsuper gain entry to licensees' approved product lists and therefore in helping the fund grow its reach among advisers.

A Sunsuper spokesperson said its diversified life investment options were on "a few" platforms, but would not comment on which platforms these were.

Sunsuper poached Ms Fuchs from the AFA in January this year and at the time said she would remain a committed member of the AFA community.

The superannuation fund received the rating for its Sunsuper For Life – Balanced, Sunsuper For Life – Retirement, Sunsuper For Life – Growth and Sunsuper For Life – Conservative investment options.

"These ratings indicate that Lonsec has very strong conviction that our products can generate risk-adjusted returns in line with relevant objectives and is a preferred entry point to this type of strategy," Sunsuper chief investment officer David Hartley said.


Sunsuper is a national profit-for-members fund with more than one million members and $33 billion in funds under management.