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K2 Asset Management targets SMSFs with new fund

Fund manager K2 Asset Management has listed a new global equities fund on the ASX which it says will appeal to SMSFs trustees.

According to K2 Asset Management, The K2 Global Equities Fund (KII) – which listed on the ASX yesterday morning – will be of "particular appeal" to SMSFs and self-directed investors seeking offshore exposer.

"KII provides a new means of transacting and gaining access to global equity markets," co-founder of K2 Asset Management Campbell Neal said.

"We are only the second Australian fund manager to go down the ASX listing route; however, we believe this is a really exciting way to access managed funds going forward."

Mr Neal added that the fund has a "trust structure" as opposed to a close-ended LIC structure and would be actively managed.

"Through KII, investors will have a more efficient way of accessing the K2 global equities strategy with the benefits of liquidity, a tight spread, and live pricing," he said.

"The Fund itself is the market maker and has the ability to provide liquidity. It can both create and redeem units.


"With the high concentration of the Australian equities market in financial services and resources (45 per cent) and the search for value by investors, we believe the K2 Global Equities Fund offers an excellent means of diversifying exposure into delivering international investments for SMSFs and similar investors," Mr Neal said.