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BetaShares gets 10th Lonsec 'Recommended' rating

Lonsec has awarded ETF provider BetaShares a 'Recommended' rating for its Nasdaq 100 ETF (NDQ).


Launched in May, NDQ is the first ETF traded on the ASX to track the Nasdaq-100 Index, providing investors with exposure to the performance of the 100 largest non-financial securities listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

This is the tenth BetaShares fund to receive a 'Recommended" rating from Lonsec.

In its review, Lonsec noted that the fund provides investors with an efficient means to access the growth potential of an industry that is traditionally challenging for the retail market to invest in.

In addition, the fund's Australia-domiciled structure was commended for offering greater administration simplicity and tax certainty than cross-listed ETFs.

Alex Vynokur, BetaShares' managing director, said the rating highlighted the benefits the fund could provide investors who are looking for low-cost, simple access to this exciting index.


"It's great to see this independent recognition of NDQ's strategy. As the only ETF in Australia to track the Nasdaq-100 index, we believe NDQ is unique in its ability to provide exposure to the technology industry in particular, which is strongly under-represented on the ASX and in other US benchmark indices," he said.

The index contains category-defining companies across major industry groups such as technology and telecommunications, including household names such as Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook.