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ANZ ETFs added to three platforms

ANZ's new range of ETFs has been added to Westpac's BT and Asgard platforms.

The ETFs, developed jointly by ANZ and ETF Securities, are now available through the BT SuperWrap, BT Wrap and Asgard eWrap platforms, ANZ said in a statement.

The joint venture, known as ANZ ETFS, rolled out six ETFs on the ASX in June after launching them on 26 May. The ETFs had a combined value of $18.4 billion at the end of June, the statement said.

The initial range of ETFs is designed to give Australian investors access to often "hard-to-reach investment options such as commodities, global equities and currencies," ANZ said.

"We're excited that our new ETFs are now available for investors through BT Wrap and Asgard," said ANZ ETFS co-head and head of distribution, Danny Laidler.

"Financial planners across Australia are continuing to embrace ETFs as a simple and cost-effective way to gain access to a wide range of investments to help protect and grow their clients' wealth."

ANZ added that the bank is currently working with other platform providers to ensure more financial professionals and retail investors have access to these ETFs.