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'Smooth' AB fund added to Macquarie Wrap

The AllianceBernstein Managed Volatility Equities Fund has been added to the Macquarie Wrap investment platform.

The fund, which boasts of investing in "high-quality listed equity securities", aims to reduce volatility by choosing securities which have reasonable valuations, high-quality cash flows and relatively stable share prices, according to a statement from AllianceBernstein.

"Australian investors – particularly those in or nearing retirement – are increasingly demanding investment products that provide more certainty while still participating in growth," said AllianceBernstein's chief investment officer, Roy Maslen.

"Being added to platforms like Macquarie Wrap is further evidence that there is a growing demand in Australia for better solutions to this retirement conundrum."

Mr Maslen added that the fund has helped "smooth the ride" for investors during periods of market volatility.

"In the past 15 months since its inception, the fund's best relative returns have been during months when the index fell sharply but the fund fell significantly less, resulting in a higher return overall at a lower volatility," he said.

The addition to Macquarie Wrap follows other platform listings, including BT Wrap, Hub24 and Netwealth, according to the statement.