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‘Perception correction’ campaign launches petition

The team behind the crowdsourcing campaign to restore the financial advice industry's reputation is looking for 100 signatures for a new petition.

Titled 'Help us get more advice to more people with some perception correction', the petition is an effort to balance out media coverage, political and ASIC commentary to shine a positive light on financial planning.

In order to succeed, the initiative will need more support, said campaign leader Melinda Houghton of AON Hewitt authorised rep firm Houghton Strategic Solutions.

"This campaign means a lot to us and the more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have at succeeding," she said.

Those interested in signing the petition can do so here. The signatures will be delivered to relevant politicians, media commentators and ASIC, according the petition website.

Beyond the petition, the campaign also uses social media and crowdfunding to promote its message, as previously reported by ifa. So far, it has gathered support from at least 69 advisers from across the country. The campaign's goal is to raise $100,000, Ms Houghton said.

To learn more about the campaign, visit www.positivityforplanners.com.au.