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AFA TV series premieres tonight

The Association of Financial Advisers will launch a website and TV series tonight which is intended to educate consumers about financial advice.

The AFA's Your Best Interests (YBI) TV series will premiere on Channel 4ME (Channel 74) at 8pm. The website is also expected to go live today.

"We believe YBI breaks new ground in terms of consumer education and engagement. One of the first things we believe it will do is improve the financial literacy of consumers by breaking through the jargon that litters our industry and translating it into consumer-friendly language," said AFA chief executive Brad Fox.

YBI is also expected to provide information that will help consumers become more comfortable with their financial choices and to recognise triggers for when they need advice from financial experts, he said.

"When this need arises, YBI will provide Australians with the ability to connect with and engage an AFA financial adviser," Mr Fox said.

The AFA recently called on all adviser members to visit the new website to ensure their online profile details are correct and reflect who they are and their areas of expertise. It is important that adviser profiles include a street address, Mr Fox added.

"A street address, not a PO Box, is important as the Google maps-based search function will not work properly without one," he said.


"We want to make it very easy for Australians to connect with AFA advisers who, when they become AFA members, sign up to a Code of Conduct that requires them to act with the utmost integrity which encompasses the highest standards of professional conduct, honesty, and ethics."