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Boutique licensee launches outsourced portfolio service

Melbourne boutique DFS Advisory has taken its MDA-enabled multi-manager portfolio service to the broader market, off the back of growing demand for outsourced dynamic asset allocation.

Having recently penned a deal with non-aligned dealer MyPlanner Australia, DFS principal Stephen Romic said the IFA market is demonstrating demand for outsourced portfolio management services with a focus on risk-based asset allocation.

“We’re bringing our capabilities to market because many investors and advisers believe that their portfolios are being actively-managed in accordance with their risk tolerance but that’s not always true,” Mr Romic said.

“There are many advisers who have a strong strategic advice focus and don’t want responsibility for fund manager selection, asset allocation, portfolio construction or ongoing portfolio management.

“Our risk-based approach suits investors that prefer to increase wealth in positive increments rather than accepting significant portfolio fluctuations associated with traditional portfolio management.”

DFS Portfolio Solutions utilises an MDA provided by managedaccounts.com.au and has a range of underlying investment managers, including ETFs and unlisted managed funds.