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Netwealth enhances planning software

Netwealth Advice Group has released an updated version of its Model Office financial advice software, aiming to simplify the use of Iress’ Xplan technology.

Netwealth said in a statement that the improvements made to Model Office are based on adviser feedback received over an 18-month period and which included 20 advisers and 16 specialist staff.

“Netwealth Advice’s philosophy of ensuring our array of services is developed in conjunction with advisers, based on Adviser consultation, will continue to ensure we deliver services that our clients require,” Netwealth head Simon Micallef said.

“On too many occasions across the industry we witness businesses or Licensees deliver what they think Advisers require and later reflect on why the uptake is not present.

“In Netwealth Advice, we do the exact opposite and consult with advisers in-depth to ensure we deliver market solutions that our clients are asking for to help them in their business,” Mr Micallef said.

The updated version of the software is already being distributed through Netwealth’s Pathway Licensee Service business.

“Pathway is in full swing deploying the program due to the large amount of presales over the preceding few months leading up to the launch,” the statement said.


“The Model Office software enhancement includes a tailored technology-based advice suite that is built around how an Adviser runs their business.

“[This includes] a Library of Strategy text built by our technical and compliance teams; series of pre-configured threads that will streamline Adviser business processes; efficient construction of advice documents; comprehensive training material; and specialised technology support,” Netwealth said.