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FPA backs women's financial literacy campaign

The FPA has entered into an agreement to support not-for-profit organisation 10thousandgirl which runs educational programs on financial literacy for women.

In a statement issued yesterday, the FPA said that as part of the partnership it will subsidise 20 of its members to assist with 10thousandgirl’s 2015-2017 Regional Women’s Financial Literacy Project, which will include a series of webinars and workshops held in regional areas.

The webinars and workshops will cover issues such as the importance of life insurance, maximising superannuation, and investing in shares and property.

Commenting on the partnership, FPA chief executive Mark Rantall said he hopes members in regional areas will apply to participate in the workshops.

“We would encourage any interested CFP professionals or Financial Planner AFP based in regional Australia to contact 10thousandgirl to find out more about the project,” he said.

“Understanding financial concepts and the principles of investing is a really important first step, but the reality is that the project will deliver so much more,” FPA chief executive Mark Rantall said.

“It gives women the tools they need to create a life plan and achieve the financial future they want by taking charge of their finances now.


“This is something the FPA advocates for all Australians, men and women,” he said.

As part of the agreement, participating financial advisers will be listed in the online directory of Australia’s top 100 trusted advisers for women, and will be actively promoted in a variety of ways via 10thousandgirl’s network.