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Centrepoint raises over $50,000 for charity

ASX-listed financial services provider Centrepoint Alliance has raised $54,524 for charitable organisation Hands Across the Water at its annual conference.

In a statement issued by the financial services provider, Centrepoint said Hands Across Water was founded by Australian Peter Baines after the devastating Boxing Day tsunami which hit Thailand in 2004.

“Giving back to the community is always a key part of any Centrepoint initiative,” Centrepoint Alliance CEO John de Zwart said.

“The work that Peter Baines and the Hands Across the Water team do is incredible and the fact that we can make a difference to the lives of children from disadvantaged and abusive homes was very humbling,” he said.

Centrepoint said a group of 12 staff members and advisers visited the Hands Across the Water team working with children in the Thai province of Khao Lak.