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Boutique firm distances itself from institutions

In light of the number of scandals involving the major banks, boutique licensee Principal Edge Financial Services has refreshed its marketing strategy to ensure clients realise it is a non-aligned advice business.

Speaking to ifa, Principal Edge Financial Services general manager Anthony Landahl said that as part of a “rebrand”, the company has sought to improve the way it presents itself as a business so that future clients are fully aware the firm is not tied to a bank or financial institution.

“Obviously what has happened with CBA, Macquarie and to some extent NAB [highlights] all the conflicts of institutions, whereas the independent advisers don’t have those conflicts and are truly in the client’s best interests. So it is about getting that message out there,” Mr Landahl said.

“It is a case of being a privately owned business and looking at the landscape and saying what are the key things we do that are different, what is it that our clients value and how do we communicate that to the market,” he said.

Mr Landahl also explained that another part of the “rebrand” is making sure clients are aware of the areas of service the business can offer.

“We are developing new offerings around aged care and those sorts of things now which align with the needs of where are clients are going and, more broadly, society as well,” Mr Landahl said.

“[We also] do compliance, we do strategy and planning, we even have our own client services team as well,” he said.