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Google results ‘prove value' to clients

Advisers need to consider how search engine results for their practice promote them to potential clients, business coach Leyla Banaei has suggested.

In a speech to ifa’s Business Strategy Day, Ms Banaei said most advisers have websites or social media accounts but they also need to think about their “online presence” more broadly. 

An “online presence” is the hits that come up after a search for the adviser and could include reviews, awards, press releases, blogging and media interviews, according to Ms Banaei, who is also the founder of resources website Adviser Business Pro.

“If these things come up in the search results for you online, then that's proof to the client of your value,” she said.

In today’s world, she said clients look for evidence of an adviser’s experience and effectiveness on the internet before making contact.

“[Clients] are out there looking for information about a certain problem and you want them to find these cookie crumbs, this evidence,” she said.

However, demonstrating value to clients online is more challenging than face-to-face, Ms Banaei warned.


“There is no linear process ... you don't know what channel or what angle the prospects are going to find you from,” she said.

“That's why you need to implement as many of these things as possible.”