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Macquarie Wrap expands global options

Macquarie has added international listed securities and domestic fixed income securities to its Macquarie Wrap platform in order to provide advisers with more investment choices.

Macquarie head of wealth product Justin Delaney said the bank is providing advisers and their clients with the opportunity to diversify their portfolios across a range of international markets and asset classes.

“International listed securities allow advisers to trade fully paid ordinary shares and common stocks on behalf of their clients across 14 exchange platforms and their corresponding primary indices across 10 countries,” Mr Delaney said.

“The Macquarie Wrap platform now has the flexibility to support domestic fixed income securities issued by the Commonwealth government, state governments and corporations, giving investors the potential for a steady and reliable return.

“With our ongoing focus and commitment to providing high-quality financial services products to our clients, we look forward to them receiving the benefits of being able to access these new asset classes through the platform,” he said.

Mr Delaney also said the addition of the new investment options is part of a series of enhancements it has been making to the platform.

“They follow the expansion of our managed account functionality, which has now made separately managed accounts available on Macquarie Wrap as of late last year,” Mr Delaney said.


“This is another example of us listening to our clients and responding to their feedback.”

“The enhancements may help advisers to diversify their clients’ portfolios, while being able to access and transact on their entire portfolio through a single platform,” he said.