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AdviserLogic launches licensee tech tools

Software provider AdviserLogic has launched its 'licensee console' and 'licensee CRMl tools', which it says will assist AFSL holders deliver services more effectively.

AdviserLogic head of product development Daniel Gara said the console will allow a licensee to access information it needs from an adviser’s AdviserLogic account.

“Enabling planners to allow access to their AdviserLogic account for their licensee reduces the time and resources needed for the AFSL to complete a compliance check and means the check can take place in a fraction of the time,” Mr Gara said.

Mr Gara also added the console will allow licensees to create and update content and automatically make it available to any or all of their advisers’ AdviserLogic accounts.

“The planner’s AdviserLogic account can be a hub for all of the licensee’s resources, including updated financial services guides and other AFSL documentation, workflow templates, [SOAs] and other document templates,” Mr Gara said.

Following the requests from licensees, Mr Gara said AdviserLogic had also developed the licensee CRM tool.

“We've formulated a series of CRM modules which allow users to store data from their planners and their practices,” Mr Gara said.

“By taking advantage of the AdviserLogic Custom Fact Find, they can create several additional questionnaires to suit their business practices.

“The other critical features for licensees are the ability to store documents and file notes and also build business processes with AdviserLogic workflow and task features,” he said.