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IFA demand for investment bonds tipped to grow

Investment managers Centuria Capital and Implemented Portfolios have developed a tax-effective investment bond which they say is being quickly adopted by “independent advisers”.

Centuria investment bond general manager Neil Rogan said it has been working with Implemented Portfolios to “enhance the traditional” insurance bond with a “professionally managed” multi-asset portfolio.

“[The bond] is already being speedily adopted by independent adviser groups seeking the best outcomes for clients, especially those considering tax effective options for investing outside super,” a statement from Centuria said.

Mr Rogan also said the “tax effectiveness” of the bond has “strong natural appeal” to investors who have capped out superannuation contributions.

“The new release recognises the desire of independent investment managers to retain their hard-won integrity with clients and advisers,” Mr Rogan said.

“We also expect demand from those who are investing with specific goals in mind and who may need to retain some flexibility in when they can access the money – which they can’t do with super,” he said.

“Whether it’s paying the children’s or grandchildren’s school fees, or helping them with life choices like funding a sabbatical,” Mr Rogan said.

Centuria pointed out Implemented Portfolios have a “distinctive, dynamic asset allocation” investment process, which uses ETFs to manage risk at “low cost”.

“Our focus on asset allocation as the driver of investment returns means that we do not expose investors to the risk of individual security selection,” Implemented Portfolios managing director Santi Burridge said.

“It allows us to more clearly focus on matching client goals and objectives with the portfolio outcomes,” he said.