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Advisers looking beyond ASX investment

Financial advisers are realising they need to draw their attention to other investment options and not solely companies that are available via the ASX, according to Skaffold.

Skaffold general manager Chris Batchelor said assets in superannuation now “exceed the market capitalisation of the ASX” and advisers are now realising an “exclusive focus” of the ASX leads to too much concentration risk.

“We all know Australia is dominated by miners and the big 4 banks. Bringing global research into the mix expands the investment universe to include the world’s largest pharmaceutical, technology and luxury retail brands,” Mr Batchelor said.

These are highly profitable business, many of which have significant operations in Australia but are not accessible via the ASX,” he said.

Mr Batchelor also added that Skaffold’s technology is making it easier for advisers and investors to research an overseas company as it is an Australian company.

“Skaffold’s business has reached a critical point of scale, and we’re delighted to be able to pass on our success to our customers through a price reduction,” Mr Batchelor said.

“Skaffold offers a single research tool for multiple markets. Seeing the same patent pending visual interpretations of company data for Cochler, Pfizner, Bayer and Merck GKaA means investors can compare like-with-like regardless of where a stock is listed,” he said.