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Topdocs launches estate planning product

Tech firm Topdocs has released a new estate planning offering for financial advisers which it says will simplify the process of giving advice and filing documentation.

Topdocs said the new "solution" will assist advisers throughout the estate planning process and will include an “online estate planning fact find” and provide access to personal meetings with its lawyers.

“Our feedback has been that many advisers are fed up with having to outsource estate planning to their client’s solicitors, as it means they lose a degree of control over the process,” Topdocs director Michael Spakman said.

“This in turn often leaves the client without adequate estate planning documentation in place, which is the worst possible outcome,” he said.

“Our goal in developing this solution was to ensure advisers could be actively involved in the estate planning process, without assuming any of the legal risk associated with providing estate planning documentation and advice."

Mr Spakman pointed out that estate planning is a “complex area” and advisers often get “bogged down” in pages and pages of forms to complete in order to understand what their clients need to have prepared.

“Our online Client Fact Find is a quick and easy form that only takes minutes to complete, and once we receive it, a lawyer calls the adviser directly to discuss their client’s needs,” Mr Spakman said.

“This means the adviser can actively be involved in the estate planning process, but at the same time, distance themselves from the legal risk of providing the documents and advice, which is assumed by Topdocs Legal,” he said.

The technology firm added it will be showcasing its new estate planning solution at the upcoming FPA Professionals Congress in Adelaide.