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FPA staffer gears up for Wheel Classic

FPA general manager, policy and conduct, Dante De Gori is throwing his support behind the annual cycling fundraiser to help raise money for organisations which provide support to disadvantaged children. 

Among the 32 advisers who have pledged support for Future2’s annual cycling fundraiser, Mr De Gori is hoping to raise $5,000 ahead of the FPA Professionals Congress.

“The FPA believes that all Australians deserve access to trusted advice, and so we invest much energy into lifting the standards of the profession,” he said.

“Another way we give back to the community is through Future2, the charitable foundation of the financial planning profession. In my opinion, giving back is the hallmark of any respected profession and another way our profession can restore faith among consumers."

Mr De Gori said he will be riding 470 kilometres of the 1,050-kilometre journey.

“My journey will start at Mt Gambier and finish in Adelaide, where I will be presenting at the FPA Professionals Congress, the largest gathering of financial planners in Australia,” Mr De Gori said.

“This is by no means a small feat for someone unfit. My training started back in August with the purchase of a bike and the appropriate gear,” he said.

“Since then, countless hours in spin classes and lengthy bike rides have taken place to ensure my legs can cope with the kilometres that lie before me,” Mr De Gori said.