Findex advisers to receive in-house advice
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Findex advisers to receive in-house advice


New staff at the Findex Group will be provided with free financial advice, an idea stemming from the group’s annual Innovation Awards, CEO Spiro Paule has announced.

Mr Paule said the winner of this year’s awards – which recognise innovative ideas from Findex advisers – was Neville Willamson, who suggested new advisers be offered a free advice service.

“This idea not only encourages our team to plan their own financial future but also helps ensure staff members have a focus on the clients’ experience and expectations,” Mr Paule said.

“As the winner, Neville Williamson will have his idea implemented and will be part of the process from start to finish.”

In addition, Mr Paule announced that all ideas put forward by shortlisted finalists would be put into practice at Findex.

These include a system for enhanced client communication, an improved task prioritisation system and an improved staff HR profiling tool, Mr Paule explained.

According to a statement from Findex, the submissions were devised during ‘Innovation Hour challenge’ at the Findex Group Conference, where staff worked independently or in groups to brainstorm solutions for the business.

Mr Paule suggested the project helps drive change and gives employees a forum to express new ideas.

“This year’s annual conference was held at a time when the Findex Group was recognised for our core philosophy of being innovators within the industry,” he said.

Findex advisers to receive in-house advice
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